Friday Favourites Featuring Reece Smith

Friday Favourites Featuring Reece Smith

Welcome to this weeks edition of Friday Favourites!

Each week we have handed the reins over to one of our team members, allowing them to share some images that have sparked their interest.  This week, Architectural Assistant Reece Smith has shared with us his favourite images of the week.

We hope you have enjoyed these weekly snippets as much as we have.

In Reece’s own words…

Style AND Substance


As a keen cyclist, I not only appreciate the quality of this excellent bike, but also the simplicity and cleanliness of the storage solution.

By keeping the complexity to a minimum, this design allows the user to enjoy a decorative bike store in the home whilst providing a practical solution to storage in a confined living space.

Hands on


As a student I find model making one of the quickest and easiest methods of exploring a concept idea in 3D.

This example shows varying iterations of a repeating façade allowing for a comparative critique when designing.

Green is More


As the conventional office is pushing boundaries, I feel one of the simplest and most effective additions to an office is the inclusion of greenery. Not only for its health benefits, physically and mentally, I believe green office spaces bring a welcome splash of colour to a once monotonal palette.

My Perfect Space


This monotone colour palette with a splash of greenery epitomises the millennial concept of home office design. The industrial materials create a rough and ready feel whilst the vast array of textures provide a creative space which is perfect for the home.


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