Bean Loved Coffee Shop Refurbishment – Skipton

Bean Loved

Skipton, North Yorkshire

Bowman Riley provided a concept design service for the Bean Loved coffee shop in Skipton to reflect their new exterior style.

Our brief was to update the interior and modernise the space whilst maintaining their branding and local reputation. The new interior has been designed to improve the visibility of the ground floor seating and increasing curb appeal.

The interior we designed is an elevated version of their existing colour palette, tying in some of the existing cladding elements to create a wall feature that adds an interesting contemporary edge and texture. The addition of Feature lighting will create nice cosy corners and areas within the space, as well as a review of the furniture layout to increase seating.

We removed an existing wall that has opened up the side room to make the ground floor area more open and spacious adding three new seats. This ensured that each table is desirable with an arrangement that avoids tables near the bin or doorway. We omitted the existing condiment stand with the removal of the wall to create a cleaner, more contemporary space and added bespoke shallow shelving to hold condiments as well as areas for retail display.

We provided high-quality visuals for the space including proposed lighting and design ideas to develop and instruct on-site including a mood board with some precedent images and ideas. We kept the interior detailing to a minimum, using existing furniture and feature wall while elevating the interior overall with simple design choices.

Once complete, the coffee shop will have an enhanced interior with additional seating to attract the high number of daytrippers that visit the market town throughout the year whilst maintaining its appeal to local people.

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