Dixon House Office Interior – London

Ben Johnson


Bowman Riley designed the fit-out of a premium office space in the heart of London, collaborating with fit-out contractor, Ben Johnson to create a plug-and-play office space.

The aim was to provide a ready-to-go office environment to attract potential tenants by offering enhanced features beyond the standard CAT A shell and core specifications. This plug-and-play concept offers immediate occupation of fully-equipped spaces proving to be a significant aspect of landlords’ strategies to engage with occupiers.

We designed a comprehensive fit-out that included meeting rooms, a kitchen, breakout spaces, and furnished areas. By offering a fully furnished and well-finished office space, incoming tenants save time and costs associated with the fit-out process. The focus was on creating a contemporary and desirable workspace to be occupied quickly on short-term leases.

We employed a meticulous approach to the design process at Dixon House. A highly detailed concept design was developed, using 3D visuals and walk-throughs to ensure the space had the desired look and feel.

Collaborating closely with local agents and the contractor, the team efficiently created a contemporary scheme that offered flexibility and options for personalisation. The result is an attractive and sought-after office space in a prime London location. The feedback from the client has been overwhelmingly positive, with the project achieving its intended goal. Soon after completion, a letting was secured, highlighting the success of the design and execution.

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