Housing Adaptation Works – Craven, North Yorkshire

Craven District Council

Bowman Riley was commissioned by Craven District Council under a framework agreement to provide technical advice on the implementation of housing improvements under the Disabled Facilities Grant.

The Grant makes changes to disabled people’s homes, for example, to widen doors and install ramps, improve access to rooms such as stairlift or downstairs bathroom, provide a suitable heating system, adapt heating or lighting controls for easier use. Over a period of 10 months, we worked with the Council to assess and evaluate over 50 cases, liaising with end-users and identifying works required.

These instructions involved an initial design visit with both the occupational therapist and the end-user at the subject’s property. During the visit, we discuss the proposed works, assess the feasibility and provide suggestions on alternative solutions to maximise available space or reduce costs. We take notes regarding the existing building structure and the proposed works, measure the space and draw both existing and proposed dimensioned sketch layout plans.

Following the initial design visit, we use our site developed notes and sketch plans to draw up 2D layout plans and create a schedule of work. We then arrange for a contractor to attend site and carry out the works.

Accessible works included installation of new clos-o-mat wash and dry toilet, ramped and balustrade access to the front of premises, level threshold door to the rear of premises with level access to rear garden, widening of the internal corridor to create wheelchair turning circle and new non slip vinyl floor to kitchen, living room and corridor.

Innovative solutions that added benefits to the end-user included adjustable work surfaces and utilisation of wasted bedroom space to increase corridor width for greater wheelchair manoeuvrability.