Emily King – Architectural Assistant Part I

Emily King – Architectural Assistant Part I

Emily King joined our Leeds-based team in 2022 after completing her bachelor’s degree in architecture at Leeds Beckett University.

Emily’s projects throughout her time at university focused on architecture that is climate adaptable, serves the community and brings about positive social impact. For this, she was awarded the West Yorkshire Society of Architects prize in 2021. During her time at university, she was a course representative for Architecture and acted as the School Representative for the Leeds School of Arts and Design.  Emily was awarded the Gold Beckett Award for extracurricular achievement.

By looking at bridging the gap between imagination and reality, Emily likes to explore how spaces feel and interact with the environment through rigorous model making, sketching and photography. She looks forward to bringing her perspective into practice this year.

In her free time, Emily loves to push past her comfort zone by fell running long distances, learning new creative mediums, writing, photography, and wood/stone carving. She loves learning new skills and meeting new people.

Download the vCard for Emily King here or connect with her on LinkedIn.