Pro-bono services on accommodation for vulnerable women

Pro-bono services on accommodation for vulnerable women

The refurbishment of a supported accommodation building for vulnerable young women in London is complete after two years of providing pro-bono building consultancy services.

Working for the charity, Oasis Community Housing, the project came about in 2019 following a discussion at a Women in Property event.

Our involvement was brokered by LandAid, who provided a £70,000 grant to help Oasis Community Housing renovate the 16-bed supported accommodation building for young homeless women containing flats, single rooms and mother and baby units.

We supported the charity beyond our original role of principal designer by agreeing and preparing a refurbishment schedule of works, administering a tender analysis and recommending a contractor, coordination, project management and contract administration during the life of the project. We were involved for two years and continued our service throughout the pandemic.

The project was challenging as the vulnerable residents needed to be moved to stay in hotels or with friends/family during the works and undertaking the works during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. 

“We are amazed by the tenacity of Bowman Riley to support this project. A big thank you for sticking with us. We really do appreciate the commitment you have shown to this project.”

Hazel Ditchburn, Corporate Relationship Manager, Oasis Community Housing

“We are so pleased to have helped this scheme reach a successful conclusion.  The refurbishment will make such a positive difference to women at a time when they really need to be housed and supported.  It’s something I am personally passionate about and am proud of my team particularly in Antony Wright for helping to deliver their vision.”

Caroline Fattorini, Director, Bowman Riley


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