Blog: The one thing I hate about black tie events…

Blog: The one thing I hate about black tie events…

Associate Director, Colin Briggs shares his thoughts on formal dress codes in the property industry in the lead up to the pre-Christmas season.
So, we’re well underway in the season for awards ceremonies and formal dinners in the run-up to Christmas. The likes of Yorkshire Residential Property Awards and the Insider Property Awards to name a few. And whilst I’m delighted to celebrate in Bowman Riley’s success of projects such as Higher Raikes in Skipton for R N Wooler and revelled in the countless compares’ jokes and stories, I’ve had this niggling feeling that I just can’t shift.


Why are such creative people conforming to this archaic Black Tie dress code?

I accept that there is a certain legacy and prestige about awards ceremonies and charity balls, but I do have to pose the question of why the men all dress in a monochromatic fashion?

Whilst GQ magazine may very well post a helpful article on Black tie rules explained emblazoned with a suave image of David Beckham; most of us have to contend with our annual debate of “I used to fit in these trousers” or “did I get the jacket dry cleaned last time?” and think no further of the dress code and how that represents us at the upcoming ceremony. After all, it could be that chance encounter with a long-lost acquaintance or a new opportunity to discuss with prospective clients. And it’s not just the black-tie suits that the men are obliged to wear, for women there is the conundrum of appropriate dresses, accessories, shoes and bags.

I can’t help but feel like it’s time the industry moves on and acknowledges that no one actually likes wearing tight-collared starch pressed shirts and super shiny shoes. Well, at least no one that I ever encounter at these events. I’ve already started bucking the trend, boldly wearing brown shoes at the last few events, in a subtle statement to push the status-quo. However, one of our clients made quite an impression at a recent event and inspired me by wearing a smart and sophisticated petrol blue velvet blazer. Now the standard has been set, I must explore my options…

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