National Highways Office – Leeds

Bowman Riley designed the interior of the National Highways Leeds city centre office. This followed our involvement in the successful fit-out of their Wakefield creative hub, a working environment designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration.

In line with our client’s post-pandemic requirements, we created an agile working environment providing a flexible townhall space with moveable walls to offer different configurations.

National Highways was keen for a workspace that gives consideration to the location and staff who work there, explicitly focusing on accessibility and inclusivity. We worked closely with our client to ensure the designs, colours, materials, and graphic details were inclusive from conception. We brought continuity between the Wakefield and Leeds offices by carrying through some of the same palettes of fabrics, and textures, along with the brick effect walls and planting, but in a softer, more trellis aesthetic that compliments the interior scheme.

Our designs ensured that the interior scheme has a mid-20th century retro feel which works well in the space. However, we have still allowed for modernity through innovative black architectural details, a mixture of textures, and rattan details to ensure it feels warm and inviting. We also incorporated a colour palette to reflect the National Highways brand colours whilst still leaving the space to incorporate new colours to soften the branding and fashion a welcoming environment.

The design team worked closely with the mechanical and electrical engineer to ensure a sustainable project approach. This was achieved by re-using existing flooring in the main office areas, sourcing fabrics and materials made from recycled plastic and using carbon-zero companies and manufacturers.

Now complete, National Highways Leeds has 120 workspaces within a modern, agile city centre office with an interior that reflects their brand and core values.