Rounders Restaurant – Manchester

Private client


Bowman Riley has created an interior concept for Rounders, a new fast-food-style restaurant and takeaway brand. Our brief was to create a strong interior style that works cohesively with the branding and customer experience for a chicken-themed restaurant.

We brought an external graphic design company, Oakfold, into the project to develop the branding and visual identity to enhance the interior style.

We provided three spatial layout options resulting in one plan selected to be developed further. We then created visuals to demonstrate how the interior of the restaurant might look. The visuals have been developed in collaboration with our client and the graphic designer to ensure an interior style suited to the target market of young people and families and also represents their business model and price point.

The interior scheme has been designed to offer a farm-fresh aesthetic using upcycled wooden pallets, oil drums, and natural reclaimed timbers to bring texture and theme into the space. All materials and finishes have been selected to create a strong brand foundation. Feature interior elements add to the aesthetic, such as seating booths designed to resemble chicken coops with faux chickens sitting on top and an Instagramable wall as a brand touchpoint to appeal to the target market.

We enhanced the Rounders brand’s strong colour palette with tongue-in-cheek neon graphics and artwork.

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