Windermere Avenue Residential Development

Bowman Riley worked collaboratively with McDermott Homes on Windermere Avenue, a new residential development in Colne, Lancashire.

McDermott Homes’ in-house team had previously submitted a planning application. During the determination period, the planning authority requested tweaks to their standard house types and layouts to better reflect the conservation area. We were invited to work with McDermott Homes after achieving consent nearby for another developer on a nearby successful scheme.

We redesigned 10% of the development, including reconfiguring the layout into a rural farmstead-type arrangement, comprising larger farmhouse properties and smaller workers’ cottages, and a terrace to reflect an agricultural barn. Our team added traditional features such as stone corbels, archways, and mullions, paying homage to the region’s rural character adding a unique charm.

Our team envisioned green corridors, open spaces, and peripheral tree planting. These areas served as inviting pathways, fostering a sense of community and offering recreational opportunities. With traffic management in mind, we devised a plan to ensure accessibility while minimising environmental impact by incorporating buffers of open land and tree planting along the boundaries.

The collaboration between Bowman Riley and McDermott Homes resulted in a successful product that epitomised sensitive and sustainable urban planning. The project exemplified our commitment to creating vibrant communities where aesthetics, functionality, and residents’ wellbeing were top priorities.

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