Top Three Residential Interior Trends 2022

Top Three Residential Interior Trends 2022

Our head of interior design, Laura Baarda shares the top three residential interior trends for 2022 following a recent visit to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. Laura along with fellow interior designer, Emma Black visited the centre to soak up inspiration and source furniture, fabrics, lighting and trims for a couple of high-end residential projects. 

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is a destination for design and decoration excellence that is home to 120 showrooms and over 600 of the world’s most prestigious brands, it is the largest of its kind in Europe. 

1. Tonal Warm Colour Palettes

We saw a lot of lovely tonal palettes layered with elegant patterns and textures from florals and botanicals to geometric patterns paired with casual slubby linens and plush rich velvets. The tones in the colour palette below are a beautiful layering of rusts and earthy tones with soft blush accents, fresh greens and cool blues sitting alongside biomorphic patterns and textures with a fresh undertone.

The interiors formed are inviting with a warm palette and a sumptuous mixture of textures making it welcoming and cosy. This palette is paired with either botanical and floral patterns for a grand classic feel or coastal aesthetics and geometrics for a softer modern design. The common thread in these themes is small scale pretty patterns on lampshades, trims, and contrast curtain linings that add that extra level and detail and an effortless eclectic aesthetic.

2. Bronze Beauty

After the rise in popularity of black brassware within interiors over the last few years paired with either natural light oak or dark black stained timber, we are now seeing a switch back to a much more classical and flexible set of finishes. A mixture of bronze brassware has all the warmth of brass finishes and the architectural accent of the black metal accents pairs with a beautiful dark oak that sits perfectly against the bronze and works well with the tonal palettes adding a classic and timeless feel.

This is not just on furniture but through lamp finishes and detailing with leather accents and moody dark wallpapers to create a deep aesthetic when paired with rusts and earthy tones.

3. Equestrian Vibes

Something I have always loved in interiors is equestrian accents, one of my favourite fabrics is the Mulberry Morning Gallop fabric. This comes not only from my equestrian interests but also because I love twee English country interiors and this fabric feels so classic but the palette is modern and can easily work in many interior spaces.

However, a slight variation of this that we saw time and time again at the Harbour is the addition of lovely chunky fabrics that almost have a horse blanket look and feel. I think these work so well in all interior schemes either as a feature fabric or as accessories that pair well. This ties through with the revival of the bronze accents and leather detailing that give a bridle aesthetic to furniture and lighting.

I often find that these ‘horse blanket’ fabrics can emulate a coastal aesthetic in certain tones due to the coarse nature of the textures and the often linear stripe of the pattern – it always feels very Ralph Lauren.

We have sourced beautiful fabrics and unique furniture pieces for our clients and are very excited to get these projects on-site and see the beautiful interiors come to life.

If you are looking to reimagine your space and would like to discuss colour schemes, trims and fabrics, give us a call.

Laura Baarda

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