Harrogate Town Football Club Spectator Stand Bar

Harrogate Town Football Club commissioned Bowman Riley to transform an underused space within the ground into a vibrant and practical spectator stand bar for the home fans. The project aimed to enhance the match day experience, increase occupancy, and generate additional income for the club. The design focused on creating a brand-driven, industrial aesthetic while incorporating sustainable features and retaining existing elements of the space.

The client’s primary goal was to develop a bar design catering to home fans’ needs. Due to its narrow layout, the space required a decent-sized bar and social areas without fixed seating. Practicality and durability were crucial factors in ensuring the interiors could withstand the high footfall of enthusiastic spectators.

We opened and transformed the space into a long, narrow interior reflecting the club’s colours to achieve the desired atmosphere. The centrepiece of the design was a textured bar front made of corrugated steel, inspired by the corporate stand, designed by Bowman Riley, introduced in 2022. Our team incorporated an industrial mesh detail into the back bar, showcasing club signage and providing an Instagrammable backdrop.

The design also featured perimeter drink rests using OSB boards and exposed trunking, contributing to an attractive industrial aesthetic within the interior.The project yielded numerous benefits for Harrogate Town Football Club and its fans. The increased occupancy, with a capacity for 107 persons, allowed more fans to enjoy the bar facility. The bar’s authentic design resonated with supporters, enhancing their match-day experience. Additionally, the project enabled the sustainable reuse of an existing space within the ground, minimising waste and promoting resource efficiency. The creation of the spectator’s bar also served as an additional revenue stream for the club.